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  • Customized motor

    Customized motor

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        Thank you for your trust and support of our company, you to custom motor have any special requirements, can be your technology company requires the project complete fax to us (fax:0086- 0311-87526030 or 87526056) or direct telephone contact we(0086- 0311-87526050, 87526052), detailed fine technical requirements or drawings to our mailbox: xsddj@163.com, we will in the first time with your contact. Can also use our customized motor technology requirements of the model agreement, should fill in detailed by the technology agreement and return to my side.

     Hebei New Star motor Limited by Share Ltd -- custom motor technical requirements agreement
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    Address: XinSiDa, Motor Industrial Park, Zhangjiazhuang Industrial Zone, GaochengDistrict,
    Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China
    Postal Code:052164
    Website: www.dsaddesign.com
    Tel: 86- 0311-87526052 Ext.: 6051, 6050
    Email: mgq@xsdmotor.com

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